Our approach in 7 steps


The valuation
The first step in selling your property is to determine its objective value. At Your Space we know the real estate market through and through. This know-how enables us to correctly and realistically appraise any type of property.

Compile a complete file
A complete file is indispensable to inform potential buyers as fully and accurately as possible. And that is only possible with good preparation. Your Space takes care of collecting various certificates and documents. Just think of the soil certificate, extracts from the plans and permits register, the cadastral extract, the title of ownership, information regarding the building manager, the energy performance certificate, the certificate of the electrical inspection and the inspection of the fuel oil tank.

Have your real estate (re-) styled.
Real estate styling means that we make your property as attractive as possible to potential buyers. We highlight the positive aspects and identify and remedy the more negative ones. This is not an easy exercise, but it is necessary to make a great first impression with your property. Thanks to a successful styling in combination with a professional photo report, your property will stand out from the wide range of properties and appeal to a much wider target audience.

Publicity = sale
Through a sophisticated mix of communication channels we address the largest possible audience in the shortest possible time. A selection from our extensive publicity arsenal: online advertisements on various portals and our own website, attractive on-site advertising and a combination of written press and social media. Your Space also has an extensive customer base that we inform about new opportunities by means of targeted mailings.


Flexible visits
Depending on the type of property, we propose the most ideal way to view your property with prospective buyers. Either we opt for pre-organized and announced viewing days, or we open the property on Saturdays and Sundays, or we arrange individual visits. Everything is possible. Always with a view to offering the most flexible solution.

Negotiate successfully
In a direct line with you as the owner, Your Space leads the negotiations with potential buyers. We organize formal offers and option agreements and provide accompanying legal advice.

If both parties agree, Your Space will draw up a conclusive agreement in accordance with the applicable legislation and we will organize the signing of that agreement. In addition, we assist you in completing the formalities of the authentic deed (sale) or we draw up a detailed inventory of the property (rental).